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DeManda, Speedy Jappa, Psycho & Goldilocks are the Biker Wives in an upcoming reality TV series on the lives of Biker Wives. The show details the ins and outs of their lives with their biker partners. A lifestyle of riding and hard partying up the weekends, it's a full time labor of love keeping up with these Bikers Wives. Stay tuned for this exhilarating reality series coming soon!

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19 Nov, 13

Missed Us !!!!

Author: Kelly

It’s been sometime since i have been here. That happens when you get bogged down with thieves. You create something you are proud of, only to have it stolen, temporarily anyway….

Well it’s all been happening with the girls. Stacey and Lex have split up, Kel has a new man, Jannelle is still visiting her man on the inside every week and nothing much has changed with Shayne and Pep except the clubhouse has gone together with many more in Australia. Queensland will go broke cause everyone is boycotting it…… Be very careful when riding in 3 on vespas. You too will be pulled over and searched every part of your body for bad biker tattoo’s !!!!! Just cause you ride a vespa, don’t think you aren’t a bad biker LOL…….

Queensland has become the laughing stock of Australia with the crack down on Bikers. They are not allowed to associate with each other nor are they allowed to ride with their patches. Oh yeah !!! if you ride with 3 or more people, don’t forget to register your ride with the police before you ride off so you don’t get harassed.

Well as the law is written, these rules apply to clubs and leagues…… so i say ATTENTION ALL BIKERS it’s time to focus on the footy players, no Cowboys, Bronco’s or Titan’s…….. I’m sure a number of the “clubs” players have a criminal record. Assault, drink driving, domestic violence, and don’t forget the horse giddy up drug taken by a club…….hmmmmmm yet nobody is targeting them, just the bikers. To all the bikers out there, we wish you all the best in your fight in the High Court and we know you will win as this is the largest discriminative load of garbage i’ve ever heard, is totally against the constitution for freedom to associate. All the best !

We just celebrated Shayne’s (psycho) 60th Birthday and the old bat out did everyone. She was the last one standing. Cheers to ya farty……. It was great to catch up with friends. Horse lost that much weight we only recognized him by his tattoo’s. Nic indulged in a few too many cookies and was in a coma for 13 hours. It was great, she woke up and cleaned the whole place up.

it’s been a busy year of parties and celebrations.

Kel has grandchild number 2 on the way, forget the side car, she will need a people mover at the rate her daughter is pushing babies out.

Kel and Amanda have parted ways and it is unfortunate Amanda left.

Kel and Jannelle celebrated their birthdays in July with a party that Jannelle didn’t show up for. We celebrated with a Christmas in July theme and now Santa is Ho Ho Hoing again……..

Sorry to cut this short, just got a call and gotta run

Back soon, ride hard !!!!

28 May, 12


Author: Kelly

Coming up in June we are having a Pizza, punch & pyjama party, its cold so why not party in comfort in our fluffy flannelette pyjama’s. I feel the night will go off with a bang and there could be a few paybacks coming to some of the wives from the Shenanigans played out in The Berry Chase. There is a prize up for grabs if any of the Wives ride to the party in their fluffy pyjama’s. Stay tuned to see how this evening plays out !!!!!!!!

Cheers !!!!!!


Well it bucketed down with rain on Saturday night so nobody rode :( too bloody cold to anyway. We welcomed our newest recruit Janelle on Saturday night and she walked into quite an eventful evening. it started out chilled and mellow but not for long as Amanda (Demanda) got stuck into the Absinth. 4 litres of punch down and these girls were rocking, thanks to the Absinth Amanda loaded up in one of the punch bowls.

Amanda thought she would be funny and started a small water fight with Kelly (Goldy) so Kelly fills up a glass and throws it on Amanda, we then proceed to hit shayne (Psycho) up with a glass of water which Kelly then grabbed the lolly bowl full of lollies added water and Amanda copped the lot later pulling out a jelly baby from her pyjama pants LOL

Kelly and Amanda then decided they felt like a swim on the kitchen floor as it was looking more like a pool filled with lollies, so swimming we went on the kitchen floor gathering up lollies along the way.

Well this wasn’t good enough for Stacey (speedy) so she grabbed Kelly and the 2 started on Shayne with donuts, ready !!!! aim !!!! fire the donuts and hide. Didn’t hide very well and Shayne was on fire after Kelly. Our newest recruit Janelle came in real handy as she has OCD and she cleaned the whole place up…. Kelly must speak to her and let her know when she cleans up next time she is to wash the towels she uses before leaving Ha Ha Ha……….

Bentley Kelly’s grandson of 2 weeks joined in on his 1st Biker Wives party and slept all the way through it like a good 2 week old baby should……

Amanda danced the night away trying to tell us the next day that she doesn’t dance (don’t you love video) and to her horror watched herself dancing & wrestling, we all ended up on the floor at some stage and i don’t know why, maybe it was the pyjamas, but it was more like a teenagers party, its gold to be old and party like a teenager, we had a lot of fun on this night and no doubt we will at Shayne’s on the next one. Not much riding happening as its too damn cold especially for Kelly (Goldilocks) so we will keep partying around the fires of winter, and burn up the streets when the weather gets warmer.

Till next time !!!!!

Cheers all

18 Apr, 12

The Baby Shower 28.04.12

Author: Kelly

Up next is Goldilocks daughters baby shower, naturally it wont be your usual baby shower with these wives around, this post will be updated in May !!!!! till then……

Well all in all Cara had a lovely day and got very spoilt with baby gifts. Goldilocks dressed up like a baby for most of the day, however the sun was beaming down hard and she just had to get out of the baby suit.

We played 1 baby shower game to keep in tradition, however Biker Wives are’nt real traditionalists, so it was time to have the baby shower Biker Wives style and break out the bike and tow the prams up the driveway.  Psycho has a beauty of a smash into the BBQ after Goldilocks tows her up the driveway, Psycho was supposed to let go but she hung on for grim life head on with the BBQ. I must say Psycho, you even took a chunk of concrete out of the ground with your big stack. A big 10 points for the stack, it was GOLD !!!!!!!!! Check out latest News for Psychos big stack…..

It was then time for the Wives to Race minus Axe who couldn’t make it on the day as she was having her birthday celebrations, Happy Birthday to you Axe.

Psycho was teamed up with Speedy and Demanda was teamed up with Goldilocks. Their off and racing !!!!!! Demanda and Goldi have a great start, their flying down the driveway with Psycho and speedy a long way behind. Oppppppps big stack again with Speedy and Psycho !!!!! no wonder Psycho kept failing her bike licence, she can’t even steer in a straight line LOL !!!!!! Speedy picks herself up from the ground whilst Demanda and Goldilocks are congratulating themselves on a smashing win !!!!!!!

Only 5 weeks now till Goldilocks is a Nanna. Goldi had a lovely day with her daughter Cara-Lee and can’t wait till bubs arrives……….

Be sure to check out the baby shower stacks in latest news.

Till next time !!!!


Goldilocks Retreat !!!!

Author: Kelly

She is feeling rather proud of herself at the moment as she is 40 years old, will be a grandmother in 7 weeks and last week she pulled a 6.5ft, 20 year old hottie !!!!!!! Think it will take a while for Goldi’s ego to settle down, lets see if she can do it again LOL !!!!! Goldi is pretty busy with the wives for the next few weeks so stay tuned for Goldi’s next 20 year old hunt !!!!!!!!!

1 Mar, 12

The Berry Chase 16.03.12

Author: Kelly

The Wives are off to Berry for a March week end of Mayhem and Madness where the Wives will give Axe riding lessons and prepare Psycho for her P’s test. Shouldn’t have let your licence expire all those years ago hey Psycho !!!!!!

Well what a week end in paradise !!!! We arrived late Friday afternoon, unloaded the cars and headed off to the pub with the bitch in tow dressed as the Gimp LOL. Thanks to the Publican and patrons who found it all very amusing dragging the gimp on his dog leash into the pub. We sat down for dinner and maybe 2 drinks before a huge storm was to hit us. we dragged the gimp out of the pub, threw him in the car and headed back to our house at a racing pace of 20km’s per hour as you couldnt see sh*t from the heavy rain.

We arrive back at the house and 10 minutes later KABOOM !!!!!!! lightning strikes and thunder pounds and out goes the power !!!!! the bitch ran round everywhere trying to find the meter box to no avail. Good old Axe gets out the torch and axe and goes a hunting for the meter box to no avail as well.

call the emergency number and we now wait for Integral Energy to arrive… Scary Scary night LOL !!!!! The water supply was obviously on electric pumps as after about 1 hour we also lost water supply as there was no power to pump it………. where are the electricity men !!!!!!!!!

Wah Hoo !!!! they finally arrive about 12.30am and they cant find the meter box either and they are about to leave….. Well naturally there was no way this bunch of girls were going to let them leave, Psycho already had one of them hiding in the work vehicle cause she had a freak attack and didnt know who they were so she was ready to go after them. poor bloke stayed nestled in the work truck after that incident !!!!! Harden the F*&k up mate !!!!!!

Anyway we ring the agent looking after the house and she kindly tells them where the meter box is. Psycho offers the men cookies as a goodwill but they refuse, probably a good thing LOL………. YAY we have power restored at about 1.20am then everyone goes to bed….. WTF !!!!!! wait for power then go to bed ??????

Saturday – wake up its raining till 1pm, not much activity going on in Berry this week end and the property is like a swamp. Axe gets her trusty Axes out and starts cutting “WET” wood Hmmmmmmmmm ok Axe, its amusing you !!!!!!

We head into town for a bit of shopping and stop in at the Famous Donut Van for Donuts and coffee. we buy extra donuts to play throw the donut over the dildo but the game never eventuated due to too much shopping LOL

We head back to the house and the girls are interviewed about their lives 1 on 1 and boy dont you find out some interesting stories throughout the interviews !!!!

we finish up about 8.30pm and Goldi starts up the BBQ, we eat drink, swim in the indoor pool and be merry. Didnt get a game of tennis in as the tennis court was looking more like another pool on the property.

Demanda, Speedy and Psycho are sharing a room and go to bed to only find someone has shoved a heep of sticks in their beds….. Well Demanda and Speedy are getting pi$$ed right off now……… Not only did Axe and Psycho drink all their Makers Mark and Gentlemen Jack on the Friday night, they are now playing silly buggers with sticks. The more they got pi$$ed well of course the more the rest of us laughed… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………..

As Psycho is the Aboriginal she got the blame as she was going walk about all week end as she does so naturally. Maybe we should have put the bitches dog leash on her. We will keep that in mind for the next time LOL…………

Up we get Sunday to pack up and get ready to go home and again the power goes out, only on the power points, however there was no way Demanda was going out in public unless she had blow dried her hair !!!! what hair ????? its so short theres nothing to dry !!!!!!, bitch flicks the safety, power restored again and off we go.

Well Goldi left early to have the other 4 in one car on the way home…… Too funny as the 2 schemers of the week end were in the back of the car (Axe & Psycho) and Demanda and Speedy were in the front, the 2 girls got picked on all week end by Axe & Psycho and then had to go home in the same car as them BAHAHAHAHAHA.

Good week end Wives…… Till Next Time………..


14 Feb, 12

Biker Wives Intro

Author: Kelly

4 Feb, 12


Author: Kelly

Coming up in February !!!!!! Axe’s choc chip pool party !!!!!! heres hoping the rain will stay away for us and we don’t end up as messy as we did at the Artful Hen !!!!! highly doubt it, it wouldn’t be us if we weren’t messy…….. maybe we just don’t indulge in too many Red Bull Vodkas, Hmmmmmmmm nah F&^k that !!!!! Cheers All…….

Well what a day it turned out to be, Sun was shining and the Red Bull Vodkas flowed again. We nibbled on our choc chip Cookies while waiting for Rattler the chef to cook Souvlaki ooops i mean the BBQ.

Axe and Goldilocks indulged in a few too many drinks and Cookies and both ended up a little under the weather. Poor Axe ended up on the day bed after a good spew together with Goldilocks who ended up on the banana chair. Unfortunately for Goldilocks her spewing got caught on film…… stay tuned for for this one !!!!!

As Psycho gave a run  down on Aboriginal culture, the Bikers created the Aboriginal wrap. Lizard wrapped in lebo bread, no Tabouli or Homos LOL.

Axes dog kindly shit on Demandas lap and she thought it would be appropriate to wash it off in the pool Ewwwwwwwww, and she wonders why she gets called DIRManda LOL……… although she did lovingly hold the bucket up for Goldilocks to spew in and rub her back at the same time for her LOL……

Goldilocks threw Axe in the pool with her towel which Axe wasnt too thrilled about even though she had already been in but wasn’t to happy about her towel being. Axe proceeded to chase Goldilocks round the pool till Goldilocks grabbed the dog for security.

As Axe was wringing out her wet towel, Goldilocks kindly offered Axe a dry towel only to throw that towel in the pool, Goldilocks is on the run again from Axe who doesnt care if the dog goes in the pool with Goldilocks or not, its war LOL………

All in all great day had by all and many thanks to Axe & Igor for hosting a great BBQ, and special thanks to Rattler for BBQing up a storm…….

Till our next outing !!!!

29 Jan, 12

Artful Hen 28.01.12

Author: Kelly

Well what an evening had by all. We started off at Goldilocks house and got stuck into the Red Bull Vodkas. (maybe a few too many). The bitch then drove us in the Mini Bus to Darlinghurst where we proceeded to find a pub for dinner. We entered a pub to only have Goldilocks fall on her knees from those pistol pumping shoes wore, Speedy run into an old school mate and proceed to tell him the last time she saw him he was on the back of a magazine about to F&^k a German Shepherd. All this in front of Cherry the photographers work mate, well naturally we were booted from that pub.

Next pub, they would feed us but not serve us drinks, Cherry the photographer was F&^k these C*&ts not eating here, i’m sober, so she proceeded to the next pub and happily enjoyed her margarita while we ate bangers and mash..

We then finally arrived at the Artful Hen and were greeted by our host Christa. poor luv i think she was a little shell shocked at us. Speedy then proceeded to introduce us to Christa. Hello my name is speedy, me and Amanda grew up together, Shayne don’t worry about her, Sonny is a mole, me and Goldilocks f*&ked the same bloke and Nick is a mole.

Christa then introduces our nude model for the night Joel. Poor Joel, Sonny insisted on feeling Joel and giving him a little punch just to see how hard his Ab’s were. Joel is slowly moving away from this crazy wife and Christa insisting he is a model not a stripper and you cant touch him. In Sonny’s defence she really wanted to get into the art of it all and felt she had to feel her subject so she could draw her subject…….

The night started to lag a little so Goldilocks reached into her bag and produced some wax strips. We then stripped the bitch, gave him a wax as he had a little too much junk round his trunk (ohhhhhhh the pain) and Christa and Joel then drew the bitch…

Our night ended and as we were waiting for the Bikers to pick us up, Psycho decided to fall on the road, Sonny decided to go have a chat to a middle aged couple hiding in their car as their son just started working in a nightclub and they wanted to keep an eye on the place, however i think their cover was blown as they were parked on William St and Sonny was hanging off their car looking more like she was trying to pick up !!!!!

The bikers arrive to pick us up, less Igor so Sonny ended up in the bus on the way back to the restaurant for drinks at Beverley Hills. Goldilocks kept shooting people with her high heel pistols, she turned around and turned off Scottys bike, much to his disgust, Psycho spewed in her full face helmet, but hey we all made it back in one piece as our Bikers always look after us.

16 Jan, 12

January Wives Night

Author: Kelly

It’s coming up to Australia day week end and the wives are hitting the town (with the bitch in tow) to brush up on some ummmmmmmmmm art skills !!!!!!!